Creativity and the HSP by Shannon Garza

Creativity and the HSP

Most, if not all, HSPs are creative.

We have found it to be a great outlet for our feelings. Our emotions.

Many of us create to show the depths of our soul. To express the immense emotion living inside us. It’s often an intense outlet. We get consumed by it. Overcome by its power. Engulfed in its magic. The Highly Sensitive soul experiences art on a deeper level.

With heightened senses we can appreciate art differently than others. Everything is amplified.

The simplest of things can bring such great joy. Tastes is richer, touch is intensified, colours are brighter, smells increase and sounds reach down to the depths of our soul.

Our brains are wired differently than others. Our nervous system is finely tuned. This makes for an acute appreciation of art in any form. It can be a blessing or a curse to have a nervous system this finely tuned but in the case of art it’s a great blessing. Being this finely tuned we can create things that move even the toughest of souls.

We create art that not only speaks to us but in turn speaks to those around us.

You can see and feel the passion in what we do. Each piece of art is given our full body and soul. We put everything into it. Being able to express ourselves this way is a gift and it manifests itself in many ways. It can be painting, photography, acting, playing an instrument and writing.

Here are some responses I received when I asked my HSP friends on Facebook how they express their creativity:

  • “Playing trombone, writing music, gardening, cooking, and sewing projects on occasion!”
  • “Problem solving,”
  • “Playing with oil scents, throwing themed birthday parties, collecting shoulder bags,”
  • “Getting dressed. No, seriously. I am a painting and drawing and crafting artist, always have been, and maybe that’s why even getting dressed is a form of art for me. I very carefully curate my wardrobe and coordinate the nuances of colors and choose accessories that not just match in color, but create a cohesive whole.”

So you can be into gardening, sculpting, cooking, dancing, sewing and singing. And so much more.

Some Sensitives have a more unique art interest such as creating scents by mixing oils, architecture, organization, problem solving, and things like stained glass art work.

Many of us go into the creative industry. Careers such as interior designers, makeup artist, photographers, and woodworkers.

Expressing ourselves creatively, whether for an outlet or something more permanent like a career choice, is important to the HSP. It’s how we leave our mark on this world.

Some of us can feel uncomfortable with our work being out there. Nervous if you will. But ultimately we want to share this side of us with others. To find more HSPs who share in this part of our lives.

HSPs do however sometimes struggle with imposter syndrome. Imposter syndrome is when you doubt your accomplishments, feel like a fraud and think that others will see you as a fraud. We can feel that our work may not be good enough to be shown. And in this case we are more reluctant to share with others. But when we gather our courage, we find that the things we create speak to the world.

People appreciate the art we make. Art brings life to light. It celebrates it in the most beautiful ways. And people want to be surrounded by it.

To know that something you have created has touched someone, has moved someone, is one of the best feelings in the world. In order to feel that feeling we have to be willing to put ourselves out there. To be vulnerable and share our talents with others.

We have to be open to constructive criticism. Someone will always have something to say. But you prepare for that by knowing that not everyone has the same taste as you. Not everyone labels a thing as art the way you do.

We are all different. Diverse. This makes art even more interesting. You bring your own uniqueness to the world through the things you create. No one does it like you. There’s no point trying to fit into the “art” box.

Trying to create like others or what you think others would like isn’t really creation at all. By doing it the way you see it, the way you feel it, you bring your own mark into this world and that is creation.

Art is an outlet for the intense emotions we feel every day. This is why it comes out so boldly. So loud. It’s a release. One which explodes with fiery passion.

Yet through all this intensity we remain composed but expressive. We’re not one to flaunt our creations. We just speak loudly enough for other artist to hear. To bring together like-minded people to share in this journey with us.

Do you have a creative hobby? Are you able to express your creativity in your work?

Since we are talking about creativity, I thought I would share a poem I wrote about art, feel free to share your art as well…


Definition vs Reason

Art has definition that’s never ending

Always growing, twisting & bending

It can be colourfly tainted

If that’s what the Artist has painted

Its blurred and very saturated

If that’s what the Artist has created

It can be loud, carrying a catchy ring

If that’s how the Artist chose to sing

Art is always wrongfully accused

And sometimes it’s badly abused

But I am an Artist and always will be

And it’s definition is no threat to me

Art can be a reason for the Whys

Or a reason a grown man cries

It can be happy and it can be sad

If that’s the role the Artist had

It can be strings & it can be bows

If that’s the tune the Artist chose

It can be for love, it can be for spite

If that’s how the Artist chose to write

Art, it’s diverse in all it’s titles

And sometimes has muses and idols

But I am an Artist and always will be

And its reason, well, it’s everything to me



Pic credit via ColiN00B


Shannon is a Highly Sensitive Person and an Introvert. She is a coach for Highly Sensitive People. She is an advocate for breaking the stigma on mental health. She loves laughter, kittens and helping people live their best lives.

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