Vantage Sensitivity: A Compass for HSPs

I found out I had the HSP Trait about 3 years ago now and learning I had it was like finding a long lost treasure.

Like finding the last puzzle piece to a 500,000 piece puzzle that I’d been working on for years. Eureka!

Then I learned it was just the beginning of learning to first accept my trait, then learn how my trait works for me and finally how I can navigate my life using Vantage Sensitivity so I can work with my trait.

Turns out Vantage Sensitivity is about an HSP doing really well in healthy, supportive environments, better in fact than a non-HSP.

The word ‘environments’ include people, relationships, where you live and how you live.

That’s a bit of an overwhelming thought eh?

It’s a lot to look at.

But I began breaking it down into small chunks as I began feeling into the concept that it was about creating my own world, a world that supports my growth.

And I needed my creativity to create my world.

While a lot of us do or have struggled with toxic work environments, difficult childhoods, depression and difficult periods in our adult lives – Vantage Sensitivity is giving me a true north direction to navigate with.

A way to move towards meaning and fulfillment based on my sensitivities.

Sensitivities that had previously, seemingly and ironically, caused me problems I learned could instead be used to enhance my life.

First I looked and felt into the relationship I had with myself.

It led me to questions like, what do I do to practice self-compassion, self-forgiveness, self-regulation?  Do I exercise enough daily? Do I meditate daily? Do I eat well? Am I sleeping well? Do I practice gratitude daily? Am I spending enough time in nature?

What activities inspire me? What activities satisfy my curiosity? What activities can I do to express my creativity? Do I ensure, as an introvert, I’m giving myself the quiet and space I need?

This required me to be more responsible for what I can and am creating, for creating a world where meaning with respect to Vantage Sensitivity holds the first priority for me.

Joy is a nice by-product but not what I focus on because for me it isn’t about me being “happy” all the time. That isn’t my goal. My goal is to continue learning and growing.

I’m finding that this ends up bringing me unexpected joyful moments and is like finding a $100 bill in your jeans when you’re sorting laundry.

Then I began with “how” I spend my time, so what I do for work.

Does it allow me to use my creativity and problem-solving skills? Is it meaningful to me? Does it give as much as it takes?  Is it a toxic work environment or can I do and say things that will make it a more HSP-friendly? Would a part-time job be better for me? Would working from home full-time be a good option? Or working from home part-time and working physically around other people part-time be a good option?

After that I began examining what relationships were supportive to me.  No, it isn’t all about me – but there is a balance I’m responsible for.

If there’s an unbalance it’s my responsibility to honour the relationship by speaking up, if the relationship warrants it. Some don’t.

So far what I’ve noticed is that some relationships have faded away, and new, healthier relationships have popped up out of nowhere to replace them, and some existing relationships have deepened and flourished.

For me it’s been a step-by-step process and as I keep navigating, monitoring and adjusting the world I’m creating according to Vantage Sensitivity, it’s becoming more full of meaning, more meaning-ful.

It’s about creating a world where I provide for myself what I need in terms of self-care. The quality of self-care I’m providing for myself.

I’m not sure where it’ll end, but it’s allowed me to view and work with my sensitivities in a way that makes my life more meaningful – meaning-ful relationships, meaning-ful work, and accidental and meaning-ful fun.

How about you? Are you creating a world for yourself that works with your sensitivities?


Pic credit via DarkWorkX

Rayne is one of the Content Creators for HSP World. She's a curious traveler, yup an HSS too, who loves reading, writing, spending time outdoors, and playing in new projects.

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