The HSP World Podcast Ep. 42: Mental Self-Care Strategies for Highly Sensitives


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Welcome to The HSP World Podcast, a place and space for Highly Sensitives.

With each episode, we have a conversation about an interesting HSP-related topic.

We’re holding space with you because HSPs only make up 15 to 20% of the population, so most of the time HSPs are surrounded by non-HSPs and HSP only convos are a bit different than non-HSP convos. We feel it’s important for HSPs to hear this difference.

We’re not coaches or therapists. We’re HSPs holding space with you.

I’m one of your hosts Rayne and our other wonderful co-hosts are Tonya and Britta.

Rayne: Hey, Tonya.

Tonya: Hello.

Rayne: Hey, Britta.

Britta: Hi, there.

Rayne: Okay, now we started our mini series on self-care strategies for Highly Sensitives, and it includes six topics on aspects of self-care we’d like to explore with you.

We’re on the fourth aspect of self-care in our series, which is mental self-care strategies for Highly Sensitives.

So first, let’s chat about what is mental self-care?

Some examples are reading a book, solving a puzzle, playing chess, going to a museum. So those are some examples. Okay. So that’s what it is and a few examples. So… Tonya, because I’m not going to pick on you Britta…

Britta: Thank you.

Rayne: So Tonya how do you practice mental self-care?

Tonya: Mental self-care. You know, just kind of building on some of the examples that you offered, I would say probably my, my number one is reading. I was an English major, a humanities major in college and graduate school. So I love books. I’m surrounded by them. I love philosophy. Krishnamurti is one of my favorites. I enjoy reading Buddhist teachings, yoga philosophy as well. I also like cozy mysteries. So like MC Beaton, Vivian Chen. So reading.

Yeah, and probably because I’m also introverted, and I really like a kind of a quiet life. So, you know, diving into the world of books is is very nourishing for me. That’s one of my favorite things to do.

Probably in a very close second would be spending time with my family and my family is very small. It’s basically my husband and myself, our furbabies, my plants.

And this is really my happy place. You know, these, these people, these beings are my whole world. And just spending time with them is, is very calming for me. Very, it’s just the, like I said, my happy place. So those are, those are my top, my top two, go-to’s for mental self-care for sure. I have a couple others, but those those are my two main ones.

Rayne: Cool. Cool. I like that. And you obviously that, you know, the, the reading a book, solving a puzzle, you know, those are, those sound like, those are… sorry, reading a book. That was the main one, right?

Tonya: Yeah, yeah, reading. Yeah, puzzles and things like that are are fun, too. But I’m not much of a of a game type person and puzzles to me are kind of more of problem solving than relaxing. Yeah.

So yeah, so reading definitely. And like I said, time with my family, you know, and then I have, you know, some other small ones, like things like limiting my time on social media, for example. And, you know, social, my social media isn’t even bad or triggering, but it really just becomes a kind of a time suck. So I try to be mindful of that.

And I also like to draw, I also like to draw and play the guitar a little bit. I’m not an expert, by any means, but I like to play around with that stuff as well. It’s kind of an escape. So, but it’s something that I can do, you know, privately, quietly, and you try not to judge myself too much.

Rayne: Cool, cool. I like that. I like that you, you notice that and you’re not judging yourself, I like that.

Tonya: Yeah. And it’s easy when you’re just doing it for yourself, right? Instead of, you know, trying to show it to other people. So you can just play.

Rayne: Yeah. How about you Britta? How do you practice mental self-care?

Britta: Well, I, I have a couple of things that that I like to do. I agree with reading, I’m also a big reader. Fiction, non-fiction. Nowadays I focus on non-fiction.

More read, I really like to read about self development and just learning more about myself, about the HSP Trait, about other ways, or other theories about self development.

So I’m really, I really like learning about that. I just like learning new things in general. So keeping my mind busy, broadening my mind.

But I was listening to Tonya and I really love puzzles. That’s, that’s one of the things that I love. Puzzles, and the harder the better. Because it’s something that I noticed for myself is that my mind keeps on going, if I don’t give it something to do or something to focus on.

And because I have difficulty with doing like, breathing exercises or meditation, what works for me personally is, for example, doing a jigsaw puzzle, or solving like a sudoku thing. It focuses my mind in a way that there is no room to think about anything else. And sometimes you just need that.

Like one of the other things that I do, and that’s maybe a bit embarrassing, but okay, I’m just gonna own it. I watch some brainless TV shows sometimes. Oh, yeah. What do I watch? There was this, I don’t even remember the name. It was about people getting to know each other, like romantically without seeing each other.

Tonya: Like reality TV?

Britta: Yeah, it was reality TV. But it’s just and my husband makes fun of me. Because ‘Why are you watching this? This is such a waste of time.’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, but of all the hours that I spend keeping my mind occupied, this is giving me something that I enjoy.’ And it just, it takes me into that show. It gives my mind something to do but it’s, it’s entertaining. I don’t need to think about it. I can just laugh. And that’s like an escape. It is it is an escape.

And yeah, for my for my husband, for example, he likes to play video games. And for me, it can be one of these shows, you know, or it’s not only the brainless TV as I call it, it can also be a very nice series. I personally also love the Outlander series.

Tonya: Oh, yeah.

Britta: Yeah, you can almost be in the story and live with it and that’s that’s also a way to and not that I want to escape. But sometimes it’s just giving your mind a break of the constant processing and, and thinking, and I do a lot of thinking and then sometimes you just… I just want to give my head my brain a break and myself. So that’s, that’s, that’s what I consider mental self-care.

Rayne: Cool.

Britta: So reading and puzzles. Yeah, and I also enjoy crafting. Okay, yeah, crafting or playing music, coloring like with my kids, drawing, or especially in wintertime, when it’s like all cold outside. And I like to crochet when I’m watching TV or just, I don’t know. Like, yeah, those are things that help me to keep my mind sane.

Rayne: Yeah, very important in today’s world. On the tail end to COVID and all and getting back to some, back to somewhat normalcy here hey?

Britta: Yeah, definitely. And also what Tonya said about the family time. Living abroad, away from friends and family does create a very strong bond with the people that you do live with. So in my case, that’s my husband and my two children. So we’re very close, connected, very, very tight bond that we have and it’s it’s important to, to spend enough time with with the people that you care about.

Tonya: Yeah, and not taking it for granted is so important.

Rayne: Yes, yes. Absolutely agree.

Britta: How about you Rayne?

Rayne: Well, this is this is pretty… this is interesting. So, I think I like solving puzzles. But, but as an HSS I think I can go a little overboard.

But this is really cool. Okay, so, so my example was solving a puzzle but and this is on our, on our first podcast in our self care series, it was on emotional self care, right? But what I did was labeled the blog post and the social media post mental self care strategies for Highly Sensitives, but it wasn’t about mental health self-care, it was about emotional self-care, right?

Britta: Yeah.

Rayne: So, so I made a mistake. But the mistake was a puzzle to to me, right? Like, why did I misname it? Like out of 40, this was the first and only one I misnamed right?

So, so for me, it was a puzzle to be solved. So. And by the way, I fixed the blog post title and the title of the podcast, sorry for that confusion, you know, but back to the puzzle. Yeah, I think I may have solved it.

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Okay, well thank you, Tonya and Britta for sharing your experiences. And thank you to our Highly Sensitive listeners for sharing your space and time today.

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Join us for our next podcast where we’ll be chatting about Social Self-Care Strategies for Highly Sensitives.

See you next time.

Tonya: Bye.

Britta: Bye.

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