Health, Body, Balanced Living and Coping as an HSP

Health, Body, Balanced Living and Coping as an HSP

As an HSP it’s very hard sometimes to find a way to have balanced living, with your body, health, and even psyche.

Now, my solution is not really a solution I think it is a way going about things. It’s called Radical Honesty.

Let me tell you why…

As long as I could remember I’ve always known I was very attuned to the sensations in my environment. I would have very intense vivid dreams that seem so real. Late night family parties would be torture as if I were in a melodic gas chamber.

Light will always be very intense for me, I’d rather walk in the pitch black. With food, well unfortunately being sensitive to food is a torture in itself. Smells that would intoxicate to highs, euphoric states, arousal, and extreme, overwhelming angst.

Because I’m so sensitive, I have to take care of myself a bit differently than most people.

Just with a little more care or my body will hate me for it. See, I am an avid believer that everything is psychosomatic. Mind is body and body is mind.

When I realized this for myself, I started living a more balanced life rather than coping.

My sensitivity has also made me a person that dislikes being iffy. Life is so unpredictable that I am either all in or I am not. I always loved the idea of, “you can’t be half pregnant”.

That is how I live life. I am fully responsible for how I feel and make others feel, and of my thoughts, choices, and emotions.

That last one (emotions) is a tricky one. But that’s all it is – a trick. An illusion.

The real magic is what is under the veil. Emotions are the color to our life, very similar to very lucid dreams.

They say sometimes our dreams are the subconscious trying to communicate to the conscious. They also say our mind fights with our heart, in a never-ending battle, to determine the stronger will.

Phew! That’s a lot to process.

How can a sentient being, such as a human, cope with so many things going on? Especially when so many of your senses overlap? Well, I am not going to sit here and tell you it is different, because it’s not.

But I will give you what I have learned after much trial and error.

I learned emotion in Latin is emovere. Root word ex “out” and movere “move”. Which in essence means something is moving out, coming out.

Radical Honesty is how you deal with the fear and anger. These are the two emotions we must create a good relationship with, to have better relationships and balanced living overall.

Emotional regulation even has physiological benefits. Subconsciously we resist the urge to be honest, to be modest. When emotion isn’t regulated it builds up in our muscle memory. Biological symptoms and bad posturing can occur from continuous build up.

Radical Honesty allows us to interact with life on our terms.

Forcing everyone and yourself to tell the truth means there is no room to lie. This allows us to be healthy.

Being honest with your capabilities and limitations allows anger to be channeled into positive energy and the transmutation of negative energy becomes the cocoon for a better life.

Radical Honesty means you create boundaries and let people see you for the real you.

Being radically honest lets people know where you stand on any subject and allows them the choice to decide whether they choose to continue. Which means you don’t have to worry about whether someone is loyal or not.

Radical Honesty allows for problems to be solved and love to flow. Conflicts and insecurities automatically go away when you’re radically honest.

Radical honesty not only allows for balanced living for body and health but also allows you to heal. Getting rid of your bull$#!7, no more coping. Those stories that “nobody loves you”, “that you won’t amount to anything”, “people are out to get you”.

Those stop with radical honesty because you stop being the victim and start taking control and responsibility over your life.

You are respecting yourself. Without this fundamental trait, people won’t respect you in general.

Sometimes this also means you might offend people. However, you will have those people that respect you because you have dealt with your fears and angers.

What are some ways that you have learned to live as an HSP?


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Bryan is a Trainer for an International Dating Company, an aspiring Life Coach, and an Entrepreneur. He received his Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice and wants to further pursue the first masters in masculinity studies at STONY Brook. He's the creator of Baam Anxiety. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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