Mastery Program

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Some background info on who created the HSP World Mastery Program…

Hi, my name is Rayne Dowell, and I’m one of your HSP Ambassadors here at HSP World.

First thing you need to know?

There’s nothing for sale here.

HSP World is a sandbox for HSPs to play in.

Why play?

Because, like you, I felt mixed emotions when I learned I had the HSP Trait.

I felt relief but also anxiety – because, ok, so I have this hereditary, genetic Trait (also known as Sensory Processing Sensitivity), so that confirms why I always felt different, but like, now what?

What do I do with this information?

So I felt relief but also stressed about it. But the opposite of stress is play.

That’s why HSP World was created. To play and explore our HSP Trait together.

And when finding out you have the HSP Trait, it’s key to understand you aren’t flawed and there’s nothing wrong with you.

“Life” is just “different” for us (compared to the 80-85% of the non-HSP population).

I learned I had the HSP Trait about 12 years ago. 

Lucky for you, I’m an HSS HSP, (about 30% of HSPs are HSS). 

So a High Sensation Seeking HSP means you’re very curious, but an HSS HSP is more willing to explore and take risks than an HSP who isn’t HSS. 

An HSS HSP is usually only willing to explore and take risks though only if there’s a benefit; for me, the risks were worth the benefits.

Why did I do this? 

Because The Light wanted me to learn I had the HSP Trait and wanted me to keep learning more about it.

I say “The Light” because I had a near-death experience when I drowned in a lake at a young age, and what I experienced was The Light.

You can replace The Light with God, the Universe, or whatever works for you.

The Light is brilliant.

I think it was Aristotle who said, “Knowing ourselves is the beginning of all wisdom.”

So after I learned I had the HSP Trait, I began diving deep into how I process information and emotions differently than non-HSPs. 

I also began noticing how other HSPs process information and emotions. 

I focused on myself first, though, on learning and experimenting with what tools and information would be helpful for me.

I’ve tried lots of stuff.

As I said, I’m an HSS HSP and made many mistakes, but I also learned a lot.

I’m not done learning, either. I love learning and learning with and from others who love learning too.

So three years ago, I was guided by The Light to start creating Level 1 of the HSP World Mastery Program.

I’m unsure why The Light is guiding me to do something sometimes. But I do what I’m asked. 

I guess The Light figured I’d learned enough to create Level 1.

So I built the bones for Level 1. 

Shortly after I created it, an HSP friend contacted me, relating they had an HSP friend who was struggling and asked if I could help them in any way? 

My HSP friend had no idea I’d been working on Level 1.

Coincidence? I think not. Lol

I began testing Level 1 with my new HSP friend, meeting with them over video each week for 12 weeks to see how it was going, if things made sense, and if they had any questions. 

There were things I needed to tweak based on their valuable feedback because we were co-creating it together.

That’s another one of the foundations of HSP World – recognizing we’re all unique and have different perspectives, skills, and abilities to bring to the table – after all, we’re all in this together, and learning and playing together is one of the best ways to grow. 

Three months after we completed Level 1, I checked in with my new HSP friend. 

I’m happy they continued applying what they’d learned and were much more optimistic, balanced, and confident.

So you’d think that’d be that, right? Time to give it to HSPs, right?

But no, after that, The Light told me I had more to learn that would need to be incorporated into Level 1.

So I stopped, waited, learned more, and received more guidance from The Light.  

Fast forward 3 years, and now I’ve been given the go-ahead to finish building on what was first created and release it. 

It’s time!

These creations are the keys to a life every HSP is striving for and is a gift of love from The Light to you.  

I’m so excited to be an envoy for you from The Light!

And I’m honored to have the opportunity to co-create with you.

Also, there is no charge for Level 1 of The HSP World Mastery Program. 

This is what The Light wants. I know, crazy right? Lol

The Light wants there to be no barriers for you. Pretty cool, hey?

Now let’s get back to giving you more information about the HSP World Mastery Program.

Each Level of the HSP World Mastery Program focuses on what HSPs struggle with, and I know the struggles are real.

So, let’s dive into Level 1 some more. It’ll be released first, the key foundation for Levels 2 and 3. So you can’t skip it – lol. 


Level 1 Deets

  • In many ways, HSPs feel hurled into a world from birth where we’ve had to adapt quickly and constantly. We have become so good at adapting to a non-HSP world we don’t know where to begin to learn how our HSP Trait works for us.
  • Each HSP is different. For example, one HSP may have sound and smell sensitivities to a medium degree, another HSP may have sound, smell, and sight sensitivities from low to medium degrees, and another HSP may only have a sound sensitivity but to a high degree.
  • You’ll be given the necessary tools, information, and knowledge to do this.The tools are data-driven, so you can observe and notice patterns. Something HSPs are really good at!
  • You’ll become more comfortable with your HSP Trait as you learn more about it. That leads to acceptance. Many HSPs wish they didn’t have the Trait, but that’s because they don’t know how their HSP Trait works for them and how they can use it to benefit themselves and others. Once you know more, you’ll also begin gaining confidence.
  • You’ll begin finding ways to adapt your environments to you, not the other way around. Often, HSPs feel at the mercy of their surroundings and/or situations and/or relationships – this is about finding and creating a life that works for you.
  • There’s a strong focus on incorporating healthy habits that support your highly sensitive nervous system. 
  • Level 1 gently guides you using a data-driven process, so you can see how your HSP Trait works for you.
  • You’ll track your progress and notice what’s happening for you and when and how you can make adjustments to benefit you.
  • From this, you’ll gain balance, peace, acceptance, and confidence, feel less stressed and/or anxious, and feel happier.

This is done in a slow, gentle way that isn’t rushed, and HSPs don’t like being rushed.

You can access and complete each level entirely on your own. 

All you need is access to the materials. So no video meetings, phone calls, or texts. 

This process is about you.

All you need is the correct information, at the right pace, at the right time.

It’s a 12-week process, and each week builds on the previous week.

Click here to open Level 1.