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The HSP World Mastery Program

  • Squash overthinking in its tracks and begin making decisions that'll make you and your loved ones happy.
  • Say goodbye to paralyzing anxiety preventing you from living the life you deserve.
  • Replace feeling overwhelmed with feeling energized and excited.

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Imagine A Life Where You Fully Appreciate and Use Your HSP Trait to Benefit Yourself and Others

All this is possible with The HSP World Mastery Program.

Learn to harness your HSP Trait so you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy with the people you love.

  • The HSP World Mastery Program is for Highly Sensitives wanting to reap the benefits of their HSP Trait.
  • Using data-driven, positive tools and methods that support each HSPs growth in a way that’s gentle, thoughtful and caring with an emphasis on positive impacts and results in HSPs daily lives.
  • It's about maximizing the positive and mitigating the negative aspects of your HSP Trait.
  • One 45 minute 1:1 HSP Coaching session included (per Level) in each Level. You decide when you need it.
  • Each Level is $579 USD and takes 6 weeks to complete. (Levels 1, 2, 3).
  • Access Live Online video tutorials, Worksheets and a personalized 1:1 HSP Coaching session to guide you through each Level.
  • It's about creating a life for yourself you love that honors your HSP Trait.
  • It's about creating healthy, positive, reciprocal relationships.
  • Need more 1:1 Coaching? You have the option to buy individual sessions at $150 USD per 45 minute session.

Choose Your HSP Coach

Shannon is a Highly Sensitive Person, an Introvert and a mental health advocate. She's a coach for Highly Sensitive People focusing on adult HSPs ages 18 and older. She's certified in Life Coaching, Life Purpose Coaching and Life Story Coaching.

David is a Highly Sensitive Person, High Sensation Seeker and INFJ. He has a bachelor's degree and is a qualified integrative therapist and experienced HSP mentor, working with adults and parents of highly sensitive children; he is particularly interested in high sensitivity in men.

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